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Sun, sausages and supermatches - armwrestling doesn’t get much better than the House of Pain Supermatch Sunday last weekend!


There was a mix of old hands and new blood. Around half the competitors were participating in their first ever official AAF event, and more than three quarters were new to the AAF in 2014. The event was also well-attended by veterans of Victorian armwrestling, who provided moral and technical support to the newcomers, as well as much-needed financial support to the AAF.


The event was a good demonstration of how the supermatch format can provide up-and-comers with the opportunity to try their arms against evenly matched competitors and get some points on the board - and how pitting closely-matched rivals against one another can lead to some nail-biting bouts.


Super heavyweight newcomer, Branko Marinkovic, managed to take down Paul Wild in a series of epic battles, with the final score 3-2 to Marinkovic. Chen Huang demonstrated a lightning-fast draw in his matches against Daniel Stirrat on the left arm, with a 3-0 win; but Stirrat was victorious against Bradley Smithers on the right. Joe Hudec almost held out against Tim Gadsby on the left arm, but Gadsby ultimately won 3-0 on both the right and the left arms. 


One of the most entertaining contests of the day was between the young guns, Andy Boznich and Furkan Uzun. Boznich and Uzun both became involved with armwrestling in 2014. They last came head-to-head in April, when Uzun won 3-0 despite being the significantly lighter opponent. This time around Boznich won the first match decisively, and Uzun took the second on elbow fouls. The final two matches went to Boznich, but did not come easy. Weighing in under 70kg, Uzun nonetheless put up a strong fight, taking Boznich to the brink. But, with some vocal support from the crowd, Boznich was able to keep his focus and push through to victory.


Uzun and Boznich have now both exceeded 10 matches for the right hand and have therefore entered the ranking board. Boznich is placed 11th in the 80-90kg right hand class (41st overall), and Uzun is placed 5th in the <70kg right hand class (54th overall). We look forward to seeing them both compete in upcoming tournaments.


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House of Pain Supermatch Sunday - Results Summary



Chen Huang (3) beat Daniel Stirrat (0)

Branko Marinkovic (3) beat Paul Wild (2)

Jesse Johnson (3) beat Max Gibbins (0)

Bradley Smithers (3) beat Furkan Uzun (1)

Tim Gadsby (3) beat Joe Hudec



Bradley Taurins (3) beat Chen Huang (0)

Luke O’Brian (3) beat Kent Roman (3)

Andy Boznich (3) beat Furkan Uzun (1)

Daniel Stirrat (3) beat Bradley Smithers (0)

Tim Gadsby (3) beat Joe Hudec (0)

Branko Marinkovic (3) beat Randeeo Singh Virdi (0)