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The 2014 Melbourne Cup proved to be an excellent opportunity for both up-and-comers and old hands to show their metal.

The title for the 80kg right hand class was taken out by Aldo Toma, a new entrant into the rankings at 10th position (37th overall). Similarly, the title for the 80kg left hand class was won by Max Gibbins, a new entrant into the rankings at 5th position (25th overall). Two other noteworthy competitors are Rory Magnobosco and John Bowley, who took second and third respectively in both the right hand and left hand 80kg classes, continuing their steady ratings progress. 

The titles for the 95kg classes were taken out by two well-known Victorians, Andrew Lea for the left hand, and Brett Coutts for the right hand. Coutts has recently returned from Lithuania, where he competed in the 36th World Armwrestling Championships and placed 8th in the senior men left 90kg class, and 11th in the senior men right 90kg class.

But Queensland's Doug Fatafehi continued his domination of the heavyweight class, once again winning both titles for the right and left hands. Fatafehi has moved up two places in the heavyweight rankings for the left hand. 

And so it is that, one month out from the nationals, Queensland remains on top of the state league, with 19 titles (45 medals overall). Victoria is coming in a close second with 15 titles (41 medals overall). With 9 titles up for grabs at the nationals, the winner of the state league table for 2014 could go either way. 

Other ranking movements of interest are:

  • John Talo moved up three places in the right heavyweight class to move into the top 10 at 9th position, and also entered the rankings for the first time at 6th place in the left heavyweight class.
  • Brett Coutts is now number one in the right 90kg-100kg right class, overtaking Jamie Carle.
  • Andrew Lea moved up two places in the left 90kg-100kg class and is now 6th.