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With just three days to go until the 2014 Nationals at the Gold Coast, it’s time to review the rankings.
Doug Fatafehi has been a rising star this year, taking out the heavyweight titles across the Eastern sea board for both right and left arms, winning titles in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Although he currently has a whopping 61 point lead in the right arm, Fatafehi is only 6 points ahead of Guntars Baikov’s provisional rating. 
After Nationals this year Baikov should have completed 10 matches and will finally be given an official ranking. Fatafehi will have to beat Baikov to remain the number one right arm heavyweight for 2014. Based on his current provisional rating, the world class Baikov looks to be a cert for taking out the number one position for the left heavyweight class.
Another world class competitor, Brett Coutts, has a strong presence in the rankings, holding first position heavyweight left, second position heavyweight right, and first position 100kg for both left and right. However with only a 2 point difference between Coutts and second runner Jamie Carle in the 100kg right arm class, first place is definitely up for grabs.
Queenslander Grant Tolentino also continues to dominate the rankings, holding third position 100kg left, first position 90kg left, and first position 80kg for both left and right. Tolentino is yet to break into the heavyweight category and test his strength against the giants in that field, and we are waiting to see which class he will chose to compete in at the Nationals this year.
Queensland is currently at the top of the state league with 19 titles, and a total medal tally of 45. Victoria is only 4 titles behind, with a total medal tally of 41. With potentially 10 titles up for grabs at the Nationals, it could go either way. WA looks likely to come in third, followed by NT, SA, NSW and Tasmania. 2014 may be the first year that NSW has failed to earn any titles at all.
One thing is for certain - there are a lot of competitors in every class who have ratings that are closely matched, so there is sure to be a lot of movement up and down the rankings ladder, and plenty of opportunitie for the old hands and the newcomers to shine. 
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Did you know...?
You must have competed in 10 matches for a particular arm (5 for women) to get an official ranking. If you have competed in less than 10 matches you will be given a provisional rating, but you will not appear on the ranking tables.
Both your rating and your ranking are displayed on your profile page, which also has a space for a profile picture. If you have a profile picture you would like us to display, please email us at