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The first double elimination tournament of the year kicked off at Bunbury, WA on 31 January 2015 and we’ve already seen some exciting shifts in the rankings.

Movements of note are:

  • Ryan Scott beat Brett Coutts to take first place in the right arm heavyweight class. Scott is now second place in the heavyweight class, pushing Coutts down to third.  Scott has also moved up to second place right arm overall, pushing Jamie Carle and Brett Coutts down to third and fourth respectively. But Coutts remained victorious in the left arm heavyweight class, and still holds number one position left arm overall.
  • Leandro Jesus once again took the under 95kg class by storm, beating reigning right arm champion Jamie Carle to take out first place in both the left and right arms. A newcomer to Australian armwrestling in 2014, Jesus has now reached the threshold to receive a formal ranking for the right arm. He enters the field at fourth place on the right arm for the 100kg class (sixth overall). He is yet to receive a formal ranking for the left hand, although his current provisional rating suggests that he could take over fifth place from Jamie Carle. 
  • After coming first in the right and second in the left in 2014, Frasier Thomas was able to take out first place in both the left and right arm 80kg classes this year. He has leapt up five places to hold fourth position on the left arm, and has gone up one place to take sixth position on the right arm. 
  • Another relative newcomer to Australian armwrestling in 2014, Stephen Drennan now has a formal ranking for both arms, coming in at 19th on the right and 10th on the left. We hope to see him come East for some more competitions in 2015. 

The next event on the horizon is of course the Arnold Classic Armwrestling Cup on 14 March 2015 in Melbourne, and we can't wait to see the top armwrestlers from Oceania and South East Asia come head-to-head!