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With only a few days to go until the 2014 Queensland Championships, it’s a good time to review the state league table.


In 2013 Victoria finished at the top of the table, having won 23 out of 50 titles. Queensland came in next with 12 titles, and NSW and WA followed up at the rear with 4 titles each. 


Move forward to 2014 - when Phil Rasmussen relocated to the Sunshine State and Ryan Bowen made a fast rise in Australian armwrestling - and Queensland and Victoria are currently neck-and-neck. Each state currently has 11 titles and a total medal tally of 27. The Victorian Silverbacks are currently a grey whisker ahead, with 11 silver medals compared to 8 for the Brisbane Heavy Hitters. 


Queensland has dominated the last two state championships in NSW and WA, and will of course have the hometown advantage this weekend. Ryan Bowen and Grant Tolentino already have two titles under their belt for 2014, and heavyweight Doug Fatafehi has three. It remains to be seen whether there will be sufficient presence from the other states to take down any of these Heavy Hitters on their home turf. Certainly our money is on Queensland moving to the top of the state league table ahead of the Silverbacks - at least until the Nationals in November.


For more stats and figures go and take a look at the Armwrestling Rankings website.


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